Check-in software for running smarter, safer events.

The Zoni team understands how important it is to run a perfect event. Zoni is your partner for smarter, safer attendee management.

Australian Company​

We are a technology company based in Australia and specialising in Visitor Management software and applications. ​

Amazon Web Services

You expect the best and we rely on the best with cloud hosting and security provided by Amazon AWS Australia.

Fanatical Support

Zoni offers extensive online guides and assists customers with setup and ongoing top tier support staff

Included Features

Zoni software plans include all the following standard features

Free iPad App

The Zoni iPad app is free and can be used as your attendee kiosk or on an iPhone for assisted check-in.


Print or pre-print attendee event badges with their ticket type details and QR codes for scanning.

Easy Setup

Zoni's cloud software has an easy to use web dashboard for setting up events, attendees and viewing reports.

QR Codes

QR codes sent to your event attendees are used to scan their attendance using kiosks and for lead capture.

Unlimited Kiosks

Setup unlimited Zoni kiosks at your event so you can cover all your entry points and event areas.

Cloud Hosting

Nothing to maintain or upgrade, Zoni is all web managed and we take care of system support for you.


Sent your event attendees tickets that include their details, event information and a unique scannable QR code.

Zoni for iPhone

The Zoni kiosk app can also be used on iPhones making it a great way to manage and check-in attendees.

Online Support

Get 24/7 support online with our helpful video guides and tutorials so you can focus on running events.

Zoni iPad Kiosks

Zoni kiosk for iPad is the perfect companion to run a great looking and professional event. It provides you with a unique attendee self-check-in experience with name lookup or scan QR codes for instant and contact free arrival.

The app can also be used in admin mode letting giving your team a powerful console to look-up and manage attendees with assisted check-in or adding new arrivals and walk-ins not on the list.

  • Free Zoni iPad app
  • Customise and brand the interface
  • Connect and run any number of kiosks
  • Connect to Brother label printer and instantly print attendee badges you customise
  • Use for attendee check-in or in admin mode
  • Works great on iPhones too, no need to invest in iPad devices

Attendee badge QR codes

Before your event starts or when attendees check-in you can instantly print name badges and include their QR codes, customising the layout and design.

QR codes can be scanned on Zoni kiosks and by your Exhibitors and sponsors who want to capture leads for any reason.

Your attendee QR code badges are a smart and efficient way for them to check-in at the door or anywhere throughout your event where you have Zoni kiosks setup.

Eventbrite QR codes

If you sync your Eventbrite events to Zoni using our premium subscription plan your attendees can use their event ticket QR code to check-in on arrival.

Attendees who scan their QR code will show as checked-in on your Zoni web dashboard and synced back to Eventbrite as having arrived.

COVID-19 Safe events
with Zoni check-in

Contactless Check-in

Offer fast and safe QR code and assisted attendee check-in with Zoni kiosk and apps.

Attendee Tracking

Track attendee check-in with real time reporting so you can see instant onsite data.

Limit Capacity

Set limits to how many attendees can purchase tickets and check-in at your events.

Digital Ticketing

Send attendees email tickets with their details, event time and QR codes for check-in.

Multiple check-in kiosks

For large events you can setup as many Zoni check-in kiosks as you need. Not only does this speed up attendee check-in but offers you unique ways to use the app.

  • Zoni kiosks at the door for check-in arrivals
  • Exhibitors can setup a Zoni kiosk at their stands to capture leads and business opportunities
  • Sponsors can also setup a Zoni kiosk to capture leads.
  • Add kiosks at the entry to your conference rooms, speaking rooms, different entry points any where throughout your event to capture attendee movements.

Exhibitors for Zoni

Give your expo a boost and offer your Exhibitors a quick and easy way to record who visits them and is interested in their services and products.

  • Setup exhibitors with their own Zoni user login to the web dashboard
  • Exhibitors can use the Zoni App for iPad and iPhone to capture attendee QR codes
  • Attendees recorded by exhibitors can be viewed on their own web dashboard and exported to CSV file
  • Reduce paper waste and the need for business cards to be handed out
  • Create new revenue options for your events and charge your exhibitors to access this feature at no additional cost to you, its included with all Premium subscriptions

Lead capture for business

Capturing leads for your Exhibitors and Sponsors is made easy sign Zoni. They simply scan attendee QR codes using the Zoni app and they an then view all their leads in the Zoni web dashboard.

Your exhibitors and sponsors can be given user access to their own Zoni web portal with tools to view captured leads and export them to CSV file format.

It’s a great way to offer people supporting your event a unique incentive while you can also create additional revenue by charging them for that feature or including it in your event exhibitor or sponsor packages at no extra cost to you, it’s included with every Zoni Premium subscription.

Made easy with Eventbrite

Connect your Eventbrite account to Zoni and sync your events live for easy event setup and attendee import. Use Zoni and the Zoni iPad Kiosks to easily check-in attendees and print their name badges instantly. 

  • Sync your events and event information
  • Instantly sync attendees and live update attendee lists for any last minute changes to your guest list
  • See who has checked-in
  • Scan QR codes on iPad kiosks or let attendees lookup their name to check-in
  • Pre-print name badges before your event or when attendees arrive
  • Provide a complete contactless check-in experience for added safety or assisted arrivals

Track attendee movements

The Zoni iPad app can be installed on any number of iPad kiosks throughout your event location. This is useful for large attendee numbers or large event spaces.

  • Place contact free Zoni kiosks at your event entry an exists for attendees.
  • Use Zoni Kiosks at speaker halls, workshops and each area you want attendees to check-in
  • Get full reports instantly in real time and look up historical reports where attendees check-in to help track and trace their possible movements and attendance.

Contactless Check-in

The Zoni app for iPad and iPhone offers contactless QR code scanning to check-in your attendees at events. This is an easy no touch experience that ensures you minimise the spread of germs and infectious diseases at your events.

Attendees can either scan their QR codes on iPad kiosks or you can use the Zoni app on your iPhone device and manually scan tickets or look up attendees and check them in with just a simple scan or tap.

All attendees who check-in can have badges printed with their name and a QR code.

Secure cloud software events dashboard

Our user focused cloud dashboard is designed for system administrators and employees alike, working across multiple events.

Zoni is delivered with security minded principals – permission based access, encryption of data, security of infrastructure.

Your data is stored securely and can only be accessed by people you give authority to for view logs, exporting reports or connecting to other systems with our integrations.

Try Zoni for Free

Zoni offers a 100% free trial so you can test all the features at zero cost with no credit card required to start today!