Quick, easy event registration, check-in and badge printing.

Save hours pre-printing attendee badges and managing guest arrivals with a no-hassle iPad check-in kiosk that supports offline mode so you can use it anywhere!

Integrated with Eventbrite

Let Eventbrite handle attendee registration and ticketing while Zoni will takes care of attendees arrival and check-in.

  • Sync all your Eventbrite events instantly with Zoni
  • Instant and automatic updates of all your registered attendees
  • Check-ins are instantly recorded on Eventbrite
  • Simple to connect Zoni to Eventbrite with just a few clicks
  • Add attendees to Zoni as they arrive for those last minute guests
  • Eventbrite QR code printed on the name badge for easy lead capture
White label booking page

A new and impressive way to check-in guests at your next event

Welcome your guests with a professional check-in system that takes just seconds to use.

  • Setup new events with just a few clicks
  • Easily add, import and update attendees before and during an event
  • Welcome guests with self or check-in on the iPad
  • Assist guests check-in with easy to use iPhone app
  • Design and print custom attendee badges
  • View real-time reports, event history and export all your data
  • Import your events from Eventbrite and Meetup
  • Run in offline-mode, no internet connection needed!

Impressive attendee experience

We believe a great event experience starts the moment attendees receive invitations to their arrival at your venue. Zoni has created arrival flows that work for all types of events - from office meetings to large conferences.

  • Send instant or scheduled email invitations
  • Attendees receive unique event QR codes to scan and check-in
  • Check-in on Zoni iPad or iPhone scanner
  • Print custom attendee badges at check-in or prior to the event
  • Add attendees at the door with just a few quick clicks
  • View live check-in list of attendee arrivals at your event
  • Export all your attendee information for event follow ups and marketing

Powerful and Secure Web Dashboard

Zoni helps you manage your event registrations from start to finish with a powerful and secure web dashboard. Nothing to install, update or maintain - it's a cloud software solution you can run right in your web browser!

  • Send instant or scheduled attendee emails
  • Add and import attendees to your events
  • Import from Eventbrite and Meetup.com
  • Export your attendee data
  • Customize your iPad check-in kiosk
  • Customize attendee name badges
  • Multi-users system for your entire team