Monthly Annual

Zoni Basic Free
  • Up to 100 attendees per event
  • 1 team member
  • Import events
  • iOS checkin app
  • Online support
  • Email attendees

Most Popular Zoni Premium $99 /month
  • All of Basic plus
  • Unlimited attendees
  • Unlimited team members
  • Event registration portal
  • Custom branding
  • Custom domain


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technical requirements?

Zoni is cloud based software, you don't need to install anything as you can access the Zoni dashboard in a web browser and use the Zoni iPad app as your sign in terminal. We also recommend a tablet enclosure and label printer for the full Zoni experience. Visit our online Store.

How does the 14 day trial work?

When you sign up for Zoni you are entitled to a basic plan (governed by our Terms of Service) or a 14 day free trial of our Premium plan. A 14 day Premium trial gives you access to all Zoni features.

What happens if I go above my plan?

Your Zoni dashboard will show you the current usage level. If you go over your plan we will send you an email to see if we can upgrade or customise a solution for you. There are no automatic charges to your account so you have some time to see if you need to increase your plan to a custom subscription.

Are there any hidden fees?

Zoni plans are on a fixed monthly fee plus costs associated with your usage, there are no additional fees. Zoni pricing is for subscription to our plans only, it does not include hardware (purchased seperate).

Are there any contracts?

We do not have contracts for any of our subscriptions. You can cancel any time during a billing period. When you sign up you agree to our Terms of Service but there is no official contract to use Zoni.

How can I make payment?

Monthly subscriptions are paid for by card payments only via our secure website. Annual payments can be made one time by card payment or wire to our bank account.

What about taxes?

Australian customer payments include Goods and Services Taxes (GST). International customers outside of Australia are exempt from these additional fees but are liable for any local taxes for delivery of digital services.

Do you have a Terms of Service?

Yes, both our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are available online to review at anytime. When you subscribe to Zoni services you accept these terms and agree to our privacy statements.

What is a Team Mate?

Team mates are your admin staff, employees and people who need access to the Zoni dashboard to manage events, send emails, and check in attendees. Depending on the Zoni plan you choose to subscribe to, your Team Mate allowance may be limited.

What is an Attendee?

Guests who register for your events and attend them are called Attendees. All Zoni plans offer you the ability to register an unlimited amount of attendees per event.

What is a Kiosk?

A kiosk is a tablet device connected to your Zoni account. This would be an iPad tablet used as a sign-in Kiosk for attendees.

What features are included?

Depending on the Zoni plan you choose to subscribe to, you will have access to the features needed to run a successful event. View our plans page to decide what option is right for you.

How do I print badges?

Attendee badges can be printed to a connected network printer. We support the Brother manufactured printers for attendee badge printing.

How secure is Zoni?

We take security very seriously. All communications are encrypted between your kiosks and the web servers. We use a proven, secure cloud hosting platform and adopt strict policies regarding payment card tokens, limiting password attempts, review code for exploits and our development and support team have Police clearance certification checks prior to employment.