Hot tips for running a COVID safe event

As companies look to booking events such as trade shows and symposiums, event planners should be approaching their event planning with an open and transparent COVID safe approach. 

With Zoni Software, there are exclusive features on offer to ensure your next event runs safely, as well as specifically, COVID safe.

Integrating Zoni across all event types

Zoni allows event planners to incrementally introduce technology to their events. To introduce users to Zoni at the introductory level, a free “no commitment” free trial option is available. The free trial allows Zoni users to host their first event with an attendee cap of 50.  If users find that Zoni is for them, then there are multiple options to upgrade which can be found here. This provides a great base to grow from smaller workshops/ training days all the way up to large exhibitions. Event planners have absolute control and scalability when using Zoni at any event size. 

Cloning Zoni Events

Why fix something if it’s not broken? If you’ve run a successful event and want to keep the same or similar structure for an upcoming event, all Zoni account users (regardless of subscription plan) have the ability to easily clone and replicate events. This saves admin planning and setup time for future workshops and similar events. 


Possibly the most important feature of the Zoni platform is the seamless integration with 

Eventbrite. Simply connect your Eventbrite account to Zoni, this will sync both your events and attendee lists together. This allows for live update attendee lists for any last minute changes to your guest list. 

Use of QR Codes- including ticketing

Before COVID not many people knew what QR codes were, fast forward to 2022 and they have become a part of everyday life. 

Contactless check-in allows you to automatically check in your attendees at events. This is an easy non-contact experience that ensures you minimise the spread of germs and infectious diseases at your events. Attendees present their uniquely issued QR code on their eticket to be scanned using the Zoni app. This will verify their attendance and premium users will be able to print badges for the event attendees.

Whilst various jurisdictions have relaxed contact tracing protocols, our QR check-in system has other functions apart from just checking patrons which include: 

Tracking attendee movements:

If the venue in which you’re hosting your event is space sensitive (density and capacity limits), the Zoni iPad app can be installed on any number of iPad kiosks throughout your event location.  This could allow for patrons to check in when attending breakout sessions in smaller rooms and real time headcounts need to be monitored. 


Premium Features:

The premium features are available on our premium and unlimited plans. Give your exhibitors & sponsors access to a range of powerful tools such as the Zoni app for iPhone and web dashboard. Our optimised dashboard sits in the Cloud for ultimate accessibility, just use your web browser to set up & manage your evens online. 


Lead capture for business:

As we know, COVIDhas changed the way we do business. Handshakes have been 

replaced with elbow bumps and handing out business cards has fallen by the wayside. Capturing leads for your Exhibitors and Sponsors is made easy with Zoni. 

Exhibitors and Sponsors can simply scan attendee QR codes using the Zoni app and then view all their leads in the Zoni web dashboard. Your exhibitors and sponsors can be given user access to their own Zoni web portal with tools to view captured leads and export them to CSV file format.

It’s a great way to offer people supporting your event a unique incentive while you can also create additional revenue by charging them for that feature or including it in your event exhibitor or sponsor packages at no extra cost to you. This feature is included with every Zoni Premium subscription.

Explore how Zoni can make your event planning & management a seamless experience by contacting our team. 

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