Integrate your event software with Eventbrite

On event day, Event Managers have a million and one things on their minds. Make ticking those tasks off the list easy and efficient by integrating your Zoni event software with Eventbrite.

What is Eventbrite?

Eventbrite is the leading events management and growth tool. Their platform caters for event management and ticketing services, allowing users to browse, create and promote local events from music festivals, marathons, conferences, community rallies, and fundraisers, to gaming competitions and air guitar contests.

How does Eventbrite work with Zoni?

Connecting your Eventbrite account to Zoni personalises and streamlines your event management process.

Customise and brand the interface

Zoni’s customisable interface allows Event Managers to tailor the Zoni experience. This includes creating a workflow that will suit their event management process, in addition to maintaining brand and marketing consistency for their organisation or clients. 


Instantly sync attendees

Every attendee that checks in at an event will be synced back to Eventbrite. Users can utilise the Zoni dashboard or the Eventbrite console to see real time arrivals. It’s a seamless integration that takes the hassle out of managing multiple pieces of software, so Event Managers can focus on the experience. This feature is also valuable for reporting purposes during or post the event.

  • Instant sync
  • Live update attendee lists for any last minute changes to your guest list
  • With two-way integration, new attendees added to Eventbrite will show up in Zoni

Zoni iPad Kiosks

The Zoni kiosk for iPad is the perfect companion to run a great looking and professional event. Through the FREE Zoni app, attendees are provided with a unique self-check-in experience with name lookup or QR code scanning for an instant and contact-free arrival process.

Additionally, once an Eventbrite account is synced to the Zoni system, attendees can also use their event ticket QR code to check in on arrival. Attendees who scan their QR code will show as checked-in on your Zoni web dashboard and synced back to Eventbrite as having arrived

  • Scan Eventbrite QR codes for attendee check-in
  • Pre-print name badges before your event or when attendees arrive
  • Provide a complete contactless check-in experience for added safety or assisted arrivals
  • Sell tickets at the door and sync new attendees instantly to Zoni for check-in

The Zoni app

The Zoni app provides flexible event management services to best suit your event’s needs.

Download on iPhones

Our event app isn’t just for iPads. Attendees and Event Managers can install it on iPhones too, aiding on the go event management and further assisting responsible COVID-19 health and safety practices. 

The Zoni app can also be used in admin mode giving the event management team a powerful console to look up and manage attendees with assisted check-in as well as adding new arrivals and walk-ins not on the list.

  • FREE download
  • Offer a contact free check-in experience
  • Scan QR codes
  • Print badges by connecting a Brother label printer to the app through Bluetooth
  • Event Managers can lookup and manage attendee lists

Secure cloud software events dashboard

The Zoni user focused cloud dashboard is designed for system administrators and employees alike, working across multiple events.

Zoni is delivered with security minded principles including permission based access, encryption of data, and security of infrastructure. Your data is stored securely and can only be accessed by people you give authority to for viewing logs, exporting reports or connecting to other systems with our integrations, such as Eventbrite.

How to integrate Eventbrite and Zoni

The Eventbrite integration feature is available as part of the Zoni Premium and Zoni Unlimited subscriptions. Zoni Events subscription users can upgrade to access the Eventrbite integration feature anytime. More information about our pricing models can be found here. 

To learn more about the Zoni and Eventbrite integration click here or for specific enquiries contact us here.

Try Zoni for Free

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