Managing events with digital software

In recent years, the event management industry has evolved to incorporate more digital technologies. These changes are a result of many factors including COVID-19 repercussions and a push for more environmentally-friendly practices. Examples include hosting web-based events using virtual meeting platforms, as well as using software such as Zoni to assist with event management processes.

For the event managers

Track attendee movements

Set-up Zoni check-in kiosks at entry and exit points as well as other areas across the event to monitor the movements of attendees. This is useful for large attendee numbers or large event spaces. For example, separate kiosks can be set up at the entrance to conference rooms or various speaking areas to monitor numbers within a particular space.


Zoni iPhone App

The Zoni app can be used in admin mode on iPhone,  giving the event management team a powerful console to manage attendees as well as adding new arrivals and walk-ins on the go.

In admin mode, this feature is also useful to assist those who need a little extra support when they check in. The attendee will present a QR code or their name so the event organiser can look them up manually.


Badge Printing

Zoni’s most popular feature allows event organisers to customise badges to remain consistent with branding and marketing efforts. These badges can include QR codes and can also be pre-printed prior to the event.


User Management

Add your event managers and support staff with permissions to use the Zoni software features they need access to.



See real time and historical reports of all your attendees at events and get an instant overview of check-ins and important data.


Eventbrite Integration

Integrate with your Eventbrite events attendee lists and sync them with Zoni. Scan ticket QR codes and check-in with badge printing.


Meetup Integration

Integrate with Meetup events and sync your event attendees with the ability to scan QR codes and print badges.



We employ low power mobile technologies and cloud computing to reduce e-waste and extend the life of all devices.


For the attendees

Contactless Check-in

The Zoni app offers contactless QR code scanning to check in attendees at events. Attendees can either scan their QR codes on iPad kiosks or use the Zoni app on an iPhone device. QR codes are safe and secure, they can only be used by the person they are issued to. They offer a non-contact experience that ensures you minimise the spread of germs and infectious diseases at your events.


Fast and Efficient Check-in

Send your attendees their event invitations with a QR code prior to the event. Additionally, attendees can get help from your event staff by using the Zoni app on their phones as a hand scanner.

Event organisers can also use Zoni kiosks to manually scan tickets or look up attendees to check them in with just a simple scan or tap.


Badge Printing

If badges have not been printed prior to the event, attendees can instantly print their own badge upon check in.


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